Issue 32 playlist: love letters

“I love to love,” said singer-songwriter Rukhsana Merrise in our latest issue of Oh Comely. “I love it too much because it gets me in trouble sometimes.” We feel the same way. Love is trouble. Love is wonderful and sad and we just can’t live without it. Love is the hushed vocals on ‘Superstar’. Amy Winehouse singing “I cry for you on the kitchen floor”, her voice dropping just a little. FKA Twigs. The ending in Lukas Moodyssons film Show Me Love (soundtracked by Swedish band Broder Daniel). Love is the last chorus on Nirvana’s Lead Belly cover ‘Where Did You Sleep Last Night?’. Love is a letter, a song. Love is music.

The playlist for issue 32 is a compilation of love letters addressed to you all. Plug into Spotify here and feel your heart adjust to the beat.


Illustration: Hannah Sunny Whaler. Check out Linnea's back catalogue of playlists (dating right back to issue one). Issue 32 available online, or wherever good magazines are sold.