What it's all about

Oh Comely is a powerful mix of words and pictures, stylishly presented and much loved by its readers. It provides an alternative to the ‘pile-it-high-sell-it-cheap’ aesthetic of mainstream magazines for young women, and this is why it has carved a loyal niche of fans. It is a breath of fresh air for a creative audience desperate to find something that speaks to them directly in an accessible, intelligent and interesting voice.

Its time has come. 

Key Stats

  • Social Media Reach: 100,000

  • Readers Per Issue: 25,000

  • Average Age of reader: 27

  • Sold through independents, WHSmith and international outlets



For Ideas...

Rates, partnerships, whatever! Rob Biddiss is your contact. Call 07896 239433 or email rob@icebergpress.co.uk

Why Advertise?

  • Huge brand stand out – low ad/ed ratio within the magazine - brands are given room to breathe.

  • Access to a difficult to reach and highly-targeted niche demographic of creative women who spend money on the things they love.

  • Lots of love for relevant brands – readers care about what they buy, where it comes from, what they do, where they go, and the things that are in their life.

  • Flexibility around mechanics and options – the Oh Comely team can work with relevant brands and products in different and interesting ways that resonate with the audience and that look great.

  • Large, loyal digital & social media audience – lots of reach and room for the brand to grow.

  • High production values – heavyweight paper stock that feels amazing, and the design ethos of the magazine is extremely strong – your copy will look great on the pages of the magazine.

  • There are some great growth plans for the magazine – this is an opportunity to be part of something at the very start.