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Oh is about new ways of looking inside ourselves and out at the world. A mindfulness magazine with a fresh perspective.

There are all kinds of reasons for wanting to be more mindful, from reducing stress to enjoying the moment more. Oh brings together ideas for mental wellbeing with savouring the everyday, as well as extraordinary experiences, like day-off activities and holiday adventures. It’s about mindful being and mindful doing.

If you’re new to Oh, we’re a bi-monthly published in print and digitally, made in London by a small indie publishing house started by three friends.

Oh is a reimagination of Oh Comely magazine and is still a place to meet new people, hear their stories and hopefully leave you looking at life a little differently. And every issue will still have beautiful photography and illustration at its heart.

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You can find Oh in some Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, most WH Smiths and many small newsagents, indie mag shops and some cafes, museums and galleries. Here’s our list of stockists.


You can get it direct from us at our online newsstand picsandink.com, where you can also browse and buy a large selection of other independent magazines.


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You might also be interested in Oh’s sister magazine, The Simple Things, which is all about taking time to live well.

our story

Five years ago, three friends and colleagues were working for one of the biggest publishing companies. But we believed there was a better way to create and publish magazines – where the readers were as important as the advertisers, where the paper quality and design were valued and where the words and pictures weren’t always trying to sell stuff, didn’t portray perfection, didn’t tell people what to do and made them feel better, not worse.

So we gave up our jobs, ploughed in our savings and borrowed the rest to set up our own publishing company – Iceberg Press – and buy The Simple Things, followed by Oh Comely two years later. Then, in 2018, we launched Pics & Ink to sell other publishers’ independent, beautiful and useful magazines too. It’s been hard work but the smell of every fresh-printed issue in our hands is a note to self to savour the good times.