Illustrators we love: Eleni Kalorkoti

Oh Comely illustrator and all-round excellent human being, Eleni Kalorkoti is a Scot in South London who loves drawing people and their clothes, sewing and chasing her pup around the park. We asked her to share three of her drawings: first piece commissioned; the work she's most proud of; and her most personal project.

"The first piece of illustration work I was paid to do was a series about dating for Attitude magazine, and I was so excited to get the job at the time and I am so embarrassed of my drawings now! So I'm not going to show them to you. But I will share the piece of college work that the art director hired me on the basis of (which is embarrassing enough all by itself)."

2 Eleni-NYT-Sunday-Review-Cover-final-4-web_750.jpg

"I'm pretty much astonished every time I manage to pull off an illustration job, especially if it's something that's going to be printed BIG. So I was happy that this picture for the cover of the New York Times Sunday Review turned out nice."

"I made a zine called Held, which was the result of a breakup and sadness and loneliness and all that horror. Ugh. I like how the pictures turned out though."

See more of Eleni's work in Oh Comely issue 32, and at her site,