Celebrate World Post Day

Not-Another-Bill celebrating  World Post Day

Not-Another-Bill celebrating World Post Day

Today is World Post Day. As keen letter writers, we don't really need the excuse to put pent to paper, but we were interested to discover the history behind the day. The first World Post Day actually took place in the 1960s to mark the anniversary of the creation of the Universal Postal Union back in 1874. The Union was a way of getting different country's postal systems to work together. Today, with 192 member countries, it means that the stamp you put on the letter to your friend in Australia will be accepted and delivered once it arrives down under.

So let's get posting to celebrating this wonderful achievement! Should you need inspiration, we've got an entire issue of Oh Comely devoted to the joy of Letters.  Or we've got ten ideas for letters to write here. And we love this initiative from our friends at Not-Another-Bill

As a company whose aim to make letterboxes a more magical place they want to give everyone the chance to receive something good. 

To celebrate World Post Day, their pop-up post box will be appearing at various London locations (accompanied by helpful postmen) offering you the chance to send a free postcard. They'll be at The Other Art Fair at Truman Brewery today, 9 October, or you can send one from anywhere in the UK through their website. Check out their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more information and postal fun. 

Oh Comely issue 32 celebrates Letters. Order your copy (with free postage in the UK) here.