How we feel about our mothers...

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To whet your appetite, here's an extract from our early spring issue, where Aimee-lee Abraham tells us how her appreciation of her mum is constantly evolving...


“When I turned 24, I began to understand my mother more deeply. Her role became less hazy, less defined. I don’t see a caretaker anymore. I see a complex, hilarious, infuriating best friend with a history that far outstretches mine. 

“I always knew she was exceptionally young and beautiful, because she looked so exceptionally young and beautiful at the school gate, because boys would line the street to watch her take the bins out, because she let me binge-eat crisps whenever I wanted and rapped to the ping of the microwave and let me read Danielle Steel despite warnings from my God-fearing father. But I didn’t truly appreciate how young she was. Didn’t walk in her shoes. 

“She says she’d never have it any other way and I believe her. But if a series of coincidences had thrust me onto an identical path, I’d have a voracious eight-year-old, a curly headed cherub coming up to two and a divorce to settle – and a whole new life to pave out. It’s so far from my reality I just can’t fathom it.” 

In the run-up to Mothering Sunday on 11 March, we're inviting our readers to tell us about their own relationships with their mothers. Fill in our survey here, and we'll pick one lucky winner who will be gifted a bundle of books.