9 March 2018

More than half of women say their relationship with their mother couldn’t be better

54.1% of women stated that their relationship with their mum couldn’t be better, according to a Mothers' Day survey by Oh Comely magazine. 65% are in contact with their mothers several times a week with over a third in daily contact.

Only 7% felt their mums would be disappointed in them if they didn’t pursue a career, kids, marriage and owning a home. In fact 48.4% said that their mother’s biggest expectation for them was their career, in comparison to having children (39%), owning a home (35%) and getting married (34%). However 20% felt that their mothers expected them to dress and look a certain way.

More than half of mums let boyfriends/girlfriends stay over, two thirds were allowed to drink at home, while 6% were allowed to try drugs. Less than a quarter were allowed to party without their parents around.

However there are some indications that there are certain subjects that mothers and daughters don’t talk about. More than a third’s mothers told them nothing about sex or periods, half never discussed sexism. 75% of those daughters felt this was a mistake.

Alice Snape, Oh Comely’s Editor comments:

 “In our latest issue, we explored our mother’s lives before they had us and, to celebrate Mothers’ Day, we decided to find out about our readers’ relationships with their mums and were delighted with the response. It confirmed our suspicions that these mother/daughter relationships are close, complicated and ever changing. However, Oh Comely is a forum for honest discussion and the results of the survey show that mothers are still not discussing many important issues with their daughters, with young women having to go elsewhere for their information about key subjects such as sexism and periods.”

About Oh Comely:

Oh Comely is a curious, honest and playful independent magazine. It’s a place to meet strangers, hear their stories and look at life a little differently. Published bi-monthly, our early spring issue, including stories about our relationships with our mothers, is out now.


For further information email editor Alice Snape, who is also available for comment and interview. We had more than 550 responses to this Mothers’ Day Survey.