Happy birthday One Good Thing!

Selina Pearce

Selina Pearce

We're celebrating an anniversary today – a year of #onegoodthing. Every day, at 1pm, we tweet a small moment of pleasure – those fragments that bring joy, and can so easily be forgotten (you can read the full story behind #onegoodthing here). When the news appears relentlessly grim, there's some comfort to be found in celebrating the little splendid things in our lives – the way that sunblock smells exactly like summer, perhaps, or remembering that we've made a cup of tea, and finding that it's now at the perfect temperature.

One of the particular joys of this project is hearing other people's #onegoodthing. We were delighted to discover #onegoodthing had inspired an A-level project from one of our readers, Selina Pearce. Her beautiful work illustrates this piece and you can see more examples on her embroidery blog

Let us know your #onegoodthing, and don't forget to join us every day at 1pm on Twitter