Issue Twenty-Nine's Cover Lady: Naomi Shimada

The twenty-ninth installment of Oh Comely has arrived! To celebrate, here's our interview with cover lady Naomi Shimada, who was photographed by Francesca Allen. Go on, get your hands on a copy here!

Naomi Shimada is a vocal spokesperson for the diversification of body shape and race in media and works as a television host, model and columnist. For issue twenty-nine, we asked her three questions about social and personal changes. 

Tell us about a significant life change you’ve experienced and the impact it’s had on who you are today. Breaking up with my boyfriend a year ago was a pivotal change that evolved my state of mind. Not letting anyone influence my judgement was hard at times, and lonely, but overall it’s a beautiful space to be in once you’re comfortable with it.

What social changes do you want to see accomplished in your lifetime? Oh, man, so many! World peace. Racial injustices to be a thing of the past. Skinny and white people not being the main beauty ideals ruling our screens, magazines and general periphery.

If you met your younger self today, what changes would you encourage her to make? Don’t live in fear of social expectations of who we’re supposed to be and what we’re supposed to do. Live with heart and soul. Be fearless.

All portraits are by Francesca Allen. Naomi's hair and make up was perfected by Lauren Reynolds. Naomi Shimada's online home is here.