What we're loving this Christmas

Need some last-minute inspiration for presents or what to do on your festive break? Here’s a round-up of what we’re loving this Christmas…

Clara Bow in Dangerous Curves 1929. Photo by George Hommel. Source: BFI National Archive

Clara Bow in Dangerous Curves 1929. Photo by George Hommel. Source: BFI National Archive

We’re laughing out loud with the pioneering women of clowning in the BFI’s Playing The Fool exhibition, which draws on photographs and publicity materials from the BFI’s Special Collections. You can view it on the mezzanine gallery.

The exhibition is on until 6 January. Find out more here.


We’ve been burning this Christmas Koppraia candle every day in the office to get into the festive mood. All Koppraia candles are made with a signature coconut, rapeseed and soy wax blend, which produces a cleaner burn than paraffin alternatives. Plus, they’re cruelty-free, vegan and sustainably produced.


Were you as obsessed as us? We devoured every single story in the Sweet Valley High and Babysitters Club collections when we were teenagers? And so our fave book of the moment is Gabrielle Moss’s Paperback Crush which is taking us on a trip down memory lane… It’s a totally radical reflection on teen fiction of the ‘80s and ‘90s.

2018-12-14 14_27_06.950.JPG

We want everything from Wanderlust Life Jewellery. The collection is inspired by travels past and present, and features gold rings, necklaces, studs, hoops and bracelets. The shapes are all simple and gorgeous.

W.A. Green Cody Foster Peanut Butter Decoration, £14.jpg

We reckon this peanut butter jar bauble will look really sweet on your tree.

Get one from


Liam Gilliver wrote a first person story about Coming Out, Twice in issue 43. He’s now written his debut novel, We’re Worried About Him. It’s a book about falling in love and self-discovery, inspired by Liam’s travels to Italy, his experiences with men and the personal barriers he has overcome. A heart-wrenching read.

2018-12-14 14_26_51.317.JPG

Re-Fashion is our new go-to for charity shopping. They believe the future of fashion is circular, inspiring us to recycle the clothes we no longer wear and buy pre-loved clothes.

You can order a donation bag from their website, and browse donations too.

photo: Justine Desmond

photo: Justine Desmond

Wandering Womb is a thought provoking display at Royal College of Nursing’s Library and Heritage Centre in London until 22 March, exploring the history of women’s health – and how how women have long been seen as at the mercy of their own biology –and the roles nurses have played in challenging such generalisations. The title comes from a belief in the ancient medical world that a “wandering womb” could cause suffocation and death. Find out more in the display, and its series of associated events.


We found out about A Printed Wardrobe thanks to our friends at the excellent daily newsletter Domestic Sluttery. Sets of kits with everything you need to put together one of their designs – backed up by online tutorials to guide you through each make. Just one question: which skirt should we make first?

closeup of leopard and lace skirt.jpg

Courage Calls to Courage Everywhere makes for an inspiring stocking filler. Jeanette Winterson’s call to action about how much women and men alike need to do for true gender equality. You also get a copy of Emmeline Pankhurst’s landmark Suffragette speech ‘Freedom or Death’ as a reminder how far we’ve managed to come since 1913.


Finally, we’d like to think that Oh Comely is exactly the kind of thing you’d like to find under the tree come Christmas day. You can order a hand gift-wrapped subscription here, or treat a friend (or yourself) to an issue here.