The dating app that doesn’t want to be used

A quick ego boost. Hours of swiping. Sound familiar? If you’re single, chances are you’ve tried a dating app (or two) by now. For some of us, they’re as much a part of our everyday lives as social media or online banking. When you get a match, you feel good, so you keep going. And going and going and… You get the idea. 

So, is it time to try something a bit different? The Inner Circle is negating all the classic tropes of mainstream dating apps – and its makers say its success rate is through the roof.


Who’s who

Each new member is manually verified. This makes sure everyone is who they say they are, that their pictures are decent, high-quality and up to date, and reject any catfish, fake accounts, or suspicious characters. Using an app where you already know everyone has been checked and is sincere maximises your chances of finding a good date. 

Online to offline, asap

From the get go, you’re encouraged to get offline and meet your matches. You can see exactly where everyone likes to frequent by inputting your favourite ‘spots’. Search for your favourite haunt, check out who else goes there, and why not meet them for a drink? It really is that simple.

Curated, monthly events

Hosted every month at some seriously nice venues, these events are industry-renowned for their ‘wow’ factor. Forget any uncomfortable speed dating experiences you might have had, these events can be anything from rooftop cocktails to underground house parties. If dating apps aren’t your thing, these parties will be. 

We aren’t saying that dating apps are perfect, but if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em (just differently). If you want to give the app a go for yourself and see what you think, you can sign up for free here.