Pact Coffee offer!

If you like coffee just as half as much as we do at Oh Comely, you're going to love this offer from Pact Coffee

We've teamed up with London-based coffee start-up Pact Coffee to offer Oh Comely readers a free filter coffee kit with next day delivery worth £10 when they sign up to Pact and order their first bag of incredible freshly roasted coffee. The V60 kit will include a Hario V60 and enough filters to make 100+ cups of coffee. You'll also receive a welcome booklet and brew guide and, of course, your 250g bag of fresh ground coffee. 

Pact Coffee delivers incredibly freshly roasted coffee by post. They ship their coffee within seven days of roasting - grinding it at the last moment to make it easy for people to drink fresher coffee everyday. Through their direct trade relationships with farmers, Pact pay a higher price than Fairtrade for better quality coffee, and encourage the farmers they work with to invest in coffee quality and their people.

So what are you waiting for? Just click here to take advantage of this great offer.