Curious things

For issue 31, we selected seven covetable products that have been inspiring our adventures this summer. Here are an extra six favourites.

1. Would-be body surfers just need some swim fins and one of these handplanes. Each plane is handmade from wood locally sourced from the borders of Scotland. Even better, each is fitted with a bottle opener ready for those post outing beach beers.

Staunch waveslider handplane, £79.99, Staunch Industries,

2. Miscellaneous Adventures is a Sussex-based husband and wife team, offering woodland workshops and producing very lovely handmade camping gear. You can see their beech adventure set in the magazine, which includes all the tools you need to prepare, cook and eat outdoors. Should you fancy a brew too, we’d recommend also packing this hardy yet pretty camping mug. It’ll look just as nice in the great indoors.

Enamel camping mug, £8, Miscellaneous Adventures,

3. Oh Comely's marketing manager Sarah McCoy has been stalking her local Ikea since she heard word of their new KRYDDA/VÄXER collection. It’s a hydroponic system, meaning that plants are grown in water rather than soil. Great for small spaces, it aims to be pretty fool-proof too. We’ll have to keep you posted on that last one.

KRYDDA/VÄXER collection, from £2.50, Ikea,

4. Holly, one of the co-founders of The Basket Room, popped by our stand at the Wilderness Festival in 2014, and we’ve been a fan of their colourful rainbow of baskets and accessories since. All their products are made in a women’s cooperatives in Africa - this vibrant planter was woven in Rwanda. We also recommend checking out their gorgeous bicycle baskets.

Hanging planter, £35, The Basket Room,

5. Our editorial assistant Aimee-lee has fallen in love with Animal Kingdom, which conjures up childhood memories of visits to natural history museums. It contains over 50 stunning images of marine life, reptiles, mammals, birds and primates all expressly photographed to be examined with the stereoscope that comes with the book. Magical.

Animal Kingdom: Stereoscopic Images of Natural History by Jim Naughten, £24.99, Prestel,

6. Stuck on a tube train dreaming of open fields and quaint thatched cottages? This book is a soothing antidote to urban stress, packed with ideas for day escapes from London. From quirky museums to country idylls, Herb Lester remind you just how easy it is to escape the city - everything is within a two-hour train journey from the capital.

How to Get Out of London Without Really Trying, £10, Herb Lester Associates,


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