Join us at End of the Road Festival

Photo: Liz Seabrook

Photo: Liz Seabrook

Having groggily crawled out of your tent (still caked in glitter from Bat for Lashes the night before), found a nice cup of tea and bacon buttie, you find yourself feeling slightly astray. The bands haven’t started yet and your friends are yet to surface. You realise you're missing something: a magazine.

For a second year, we’ve hand-picked a selection of wonderful independent magazines to bring with us to End of the Road, taking place from 2 to 4 September in Dorset. Nestled in the woods on the festival grounds, you'll be able to come and stretch out with one or two to read and chat to us about mags.

We'll also have an activity happening at 1pm each day:

Friday 2 September: our lifestyle editor and photographer, Liz Seabrook will be running a portrait photography workshop. She'll run through the basics of how to compose a portrait and how to help your subject feel more comfortable, before sending you off with a special assignment around the festival ground. If you'd like to get involved, bring a camera! It can be digital, instant, analogue or a camera phone, anything that makes an image!

Saturday 3 September: Our friends at LWLies are joining us for the weekend, and will be bringing along a Movie and Music quiz. Their quizzes are known for being a little fiendish at times, so make sure you swot up ahead of schedule. 

Sunday 4 September: Ever thought of making your own magazine? We'll be talking about how to go about it, the importance of honing a niche and the problems that often crop up along the way. Bring questions in your well-thumbed reporters notebook, zines for show and tell and a healthy sense of curiosity.

Photo: Liz Seabrook

Photo: Liz Seabrook

We’ll also be running real life version of our regular Twitter feature, #onegoodthing, handing out little slices of gloriousness. We'll have pens and paper with us, so if you like, you can return the favour and tell us what little moment fills you to the brim with joy.

So come and find us, read a little, chat some and tell us something good; we can’t wait to meet you. 

Ps. Tickets are still on sale and the line-up is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Come and join in the fun!