Secret Recipes Friday: Marmite Curry

words Tamara Vos, Photos Sophie Davidson

31st December 2015

The Secrets Issue was Tamara Vos' last at Oh Comely before leaving us (sad sigh) for a career in food styling. So it seemed too tempting a chance to miss to ask her to style some of your secret ingredients. We'll be serialising the photos and recipe ideas she created with photographer Sophie Davidson during December. 

Jon Mee makes marmite korma.

Jon says, "When my girls were small they didn’t like spicy food, so we always had to have a mild korma curry. It was so bland that it needed an extra something, and Marmite was the only thing in the cupboard. It gave the curry a bit of beefy richness, an extra kick, and I’ve done it ever since. I love Marmite. I spread it on toast as thick as you would chocolate spread, and have it in every sandwich, even if it’s a tuna one. I used to make Marmite Korma every Saturday night when we rented out a film, but now everyone is grown up and I’m retired, so any night could be Marmite Korma night!"