New Year, New Space: Revitalising your Home Office with Moonko

The makers at Sheffield's emporium of handmade wonders Moonko are great believers in Van Gogh's observation that “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

Inspired by their musings, we've selected a number of small items which can revitalise your office space (and mood!) in surprisingly significant ways.

1. Start as you mean to go on...

The White Rabbit was notorious for his poor time keeping. This beautifully illustrated calendar won't stop you from daydreaming of Wonderland, but it will help keep you on track. 

2016 Alice in Wonderland Calendar with original illustrations by Anna Bond, £25.00, Moonko. 

2. Revitalise your space with geometric shapes and plants...

Changes of scenery are good for the soul, and small tweaks in how you present your belongings can make the world of difference. This Wall Display can be used as a simple decoration or as a display case for potted plants and cacti, notebooks or jewellery.  

Euclid Triangle Glass Wall Mount Large, Handmade by Monti, £75, Moonko. 

3. Keep your desk tidy...

Blog 29.jpg

Keep everything to hand ready for sudden bursts of inspiration. This box features four useful compartments, which is great for organising your belongings or creating a beautiful display.

Copper Open Divider, £25.00, Moonko. 

4. Motivate yourself with affirmations...

A throroughly grown-up version of the motivational posters plastered across school gyms everywhere. Affirmations may feel silly, but can brighten spaces and the moods of those who dwell in them. 

Bees Knees Print by Anna Bond, £20.65, Moonko.  

5. Match your scent to the mood you seek...

Scents are an important element to consider when building a space to match a mood. The sweet citrus aroma of lemongrass is known for its cleansing and rejuvenating qualities, making it perfect for rainy days at the home office. 

Large Lemograss Classic Candle by Nathalie Bond Organics, £25, Moonko. 

All Images: Moonko

*This post was sponsored by Moonko.